PE200-600 Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine Shipped To Viteman

Our company Jiangsu Xinrongplas machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 1996, majored in all kinds of plastic pipe machine filed for 25 years. For PE double wall corrugated pipe machine we make diameter range from 63-1200mm. We have tested and shipped one set 200-600mm double wallcorrugated pipe machine for our Vietnam customer this month. What are […]

What Are The Influencing Factors Of Screw Extruder?

The depth of the screw groove has an effect on the pressure, extrusion volume and temperature of the material. The extrusion volume of a deep-groove screw is highly sensitive to pressure changes. For example, when the resistance of a deep-groove screw is small, the extrusion volume increases with the increase of the groove depth; but […]

Precautions For Maintenance Of Plastic Pipe Production Line

PE pipe production line, pp-r pipe production line, etc., as a common type of pipe plastic machinery, need to be regularly maintained, and this maintenance should also be operated in accordance with certain procedures, at the same time according to the safety and technical performance of the corresponding equipment Relevant requirements, which is conducive to […]