About Xinrong

Jiangsu Xinrongplas Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in year 1996. With continuous focusing on plastic extrusion machinery, we have gained a certain awareness as one of professional manufacturer.

With more than 12 after sale engineers, everyone is after systematic learning and training. As we know the after sale service is the most important part of the turnkey project, our engineer can reach to your workshop all over the world.

Our Advantage


Founded in year 1996, more than 25 years experience


Factory area more than 50,000m²


200 experienced staff, among them, 5 mechanical engineers and 4 electrical engineers


Annual production capacity 200 extrusion lines


Maximum size of pipe our machine can produce is diameter 3000mm


Products delivered to more than 80 countries


Annual output value more than $20million


More than 60 patents

Our History

In 1996
Company Inception
Company Inception

Jiangsu Xinrongplas Machinery CO., Ltd. started its business in one rented workshop. Our first product is PEX-AL-PEX composite pipe extrusion line, small PE and PPR pipe extrusion line. Our products were warmly welcomed by the market as soon as they released in the market.

In 2000
Own Workshop
Own Workshop
We built our workshop and offices. In same year, we have successfully manufactured and testing PE pipe extrusion line up to size 450mm. Our company has also get ISO9001 in the same year.
In 2001
Develop PVC Pipe Machine
Develop PVC Pipe Machine
We designed and manufactured PVC pipe machine, together with our own belling machine.
In 2002
Foreign Trade Department Established
Foreign Trade Department Established
Our company established foreign trade department and developed English website to provide turnkey solutions to our foreign customers. In same year, we have manufactured the first hollow wall winding pipe machine in China and became one of drafters for hollow wall winding pipe national standard (GB/T19472.2-2004).
In 2003
Develop DWC Pipe Machine
Develop Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine
We introduced our own double wall corrugated pipe machine to the market, include horizontal type, vertical type and shuttle type.
In 2006-2008
Develop Plastic Steel Composite Pipe Machine
Develop Plastic Steel Composite Pipe Machine
In year 2006, we developed PE steel belt reinforced corrugated pipe machine. This new design can produce PE and steel composite pipe which have advantage of both plastic and steel, also cost is lower compared with pure plastic pipe. However, this pipe is for drainage purpose, can not used for water supply. In year 2008, we introduce PE steel wire reinforced pipe extrusion line. This machine produce another kind of plastic and steel composite pipe. And this pipe can be used for both water supply and drainage.
In 2010
New Workshop and Office
New Workshop and Office
Our company moved to the place near highway exit and built bigger workshop and office with area of 50,000m².
In 2011
Improvement in Screw and Barrel
Improvement in Screw and Barrel
We designed new single screw and barrel, L/D ratio became 38:1. Compared with old design, new design has good melt plasticization, higher output with lower power consumption.
In 2012
New Technology for Pipe Socket and Spigot
New Technology for Pipe Socket and Spigot
This year, we developed machine to inject pipe socket and spigot directly on pipe end. This is used mainly on drainage pipe: double wall corrugated pipe, hollow wall winding pipe, Krah pipe, PE steel reinforced corrugated pipe. This kind of pipe connection is strong and safe.
In 2014
Develop RTP Pipe Machine
Develop RTP Pipe Machine
In cooperation with university, we developed RTP pipe machine. The RTP pipe produced by our machine is specially used for high pressure fluid delivery, such as oil, gas. The maximum pressure RTP pipe can bear is 200bar.
In 2016
Introduce New Processing Equipment
Introduce New Processing Equipment
This year, we have introduce new CNC and laser cutting machine to improve tooling precision, workshop efficiency and reduce manpower.
In 2018
Overseas Sales Exceed 50%
Overseas Sales Exceed 50%
This year, our overeas sales exceed 50% of total sales. It means more and more overseas customers accept our company, our products and our services. We will continue to work hard to serve our customers well.

Vision and Mission

Clear and good Vision and Mission statements will help company to align and focus. They define in distinct, accurate and inspiring terms an company’s reason for existing and running (Mission), what company wants to achieve and where it is going (Vision), helping to become success now and in the future.


Become global well know plastic extrusion machine brand and one of leaders in plastic extrusion technology.


Create plastic extrusion machinery to be fully automatic, easy for operating and maximize customer benefit.

Core Values

Company core values is essential to create company culture and influence on business strategy. Strong and clear core values helps decision making, improve team cooperation and ensure the whole company is moving to the same goals.


To provide customer good products and service customer well is the original intention to start company. Customer first is the principle that our company has always adhered to. We pay attention to customer feedback and continue to improve customer experience. We also maintain good relationships with customers.

Win-win cooperation

Win-win cooperate with suppliers and customers. We will give feedback to suppliers to improve their products and services. Customer give feedback of our products and services, we continuously improve based on these feedback. Both parties will enjoy the improved products and services.

Innovation & development

Encourage innovation and development. Innovate and develop our products and services according to customer feedback, supplier new products and service and market demand. We have budget for innovation and development every year to ensure that our products and services are continuously improving.

Integrity & honesty

We encourage integrity and honesty, to be honest to customer, to be honest to teammate, to be honest to company. We require company personnel to take responsibility, respect each other and be accountable for own mistakes. Integrity and honesty of personnel is the most important factor which we require during recruiting process.

Take initiative & ownership

We show to company personnel with company vision and mission. Delegate them with power and make them feel as a member of the whole group. Encourage personnel to take responsibility and build the trust environment. Keep personnel continuously updated about their working status and give them feedback, to make them highly involved in company activity.

Teamwork & communication

Regularly have meeting to get everyone involved, discuss and share their ideas, to be open to everyone’s feedback and they to improve the working based on these feedback. Encourage open and honest communication. Make tasks clear to everyone so they all know their work and responsibility.

Growth & sharing

Our distribution system highly comply this core concept. Customers, employees and shareholders all will share the benefit of company growth. Customers will get quality products and services. Employees will realize their values and ideals by growing with company together. Shareholders will receive value of growth, and same time share social responsibility with the company.

Heart & care

Treat every company member by heart, take care of the customer and seriously accept their feedback. Company members will in turn treat their work by heart and respect company. Customers will be satisfied with us, and be loyal to us. We also encourage each members to share their ideas and experience. And we accept different ideas and respect them.

Our company continuous focusing on innovation and quality. We provide advanced and high-quality machinery to ensure customer can easy operate the machine and produce good product.


Continuous communication with suppliers, asking new technology and product from supplier to use on our machinery improve performance. We will also make improve in our machinery to fit for the new technology and product from supplier.

Improve machinery according to customer requirement and feedback. Before machine production, we will ask customer about their requirement. When customer have our machinery and operating, we will ask feedback. By combining customer requirement and feedback, we make our machine better.

Collecting feedback from commissioning engineers. Our commissioning engineers are experienced and skilled. Their feedback on machine operation and quality are important to improve machinery.

Closely linked to the market. Our company keeps focusing on market change. If there is any new technology or requirement, we will adjust and improve our machinery to use that new technology or meet that requirement.

Electrical engineers and mechanical engineers work together to ensure the new technology and design can work properly. Our company continuously invest in new product and support R&D engineers to ensure continuous innovation.

Quality Control

Production personnel need to have training before machine production. They can not manufacture machine until their training is qualified. All machine manufacturing is strictly follow the drawing provided by technical department.

Sourcing reliable brands and suppliers for machine manufacturing.The brands we work with are: Siemens, ABB, Schneider, RKC, Omron, etc. Customer can also designate the brand.

We have quality inspection department. All raw materials, equipment parts will be checked and tested before entering into warehouse. When each step of machine manufacturing is completed, quality inspection department will check quality and whether it follows drawing exactly. Only after confirmation by our quality inspection department, machine manufacturing will move to next step.

We will test every machinery to make final product. We will check machine working status and also final product quality. We can only delivery machinery after confirmation of our quality inspection department and customer.

Every machine will have its own ID and its complete set of document. If there is any problem of the machinery, we can easily track the machine and solve the problem.