The aluminum-plastic composite pipe is five layer structure: plastic layer (can be PEX, PERT, PE, PP or PPR) – adhesive layer – aluminum layer – adhesive layer – plastic layer (can be PEX, PE or PERT). Our machine can form five layer in one step, to save machine space and increase stability, production yield can reach 98%, line speed is also higher.

In addition pipe made by one step has higher quality, as all material are extruded and integrated at one time, no need to reheat material again. In this way, adhesion between each layer is much better.

Our aluminum layer is made by ultrasonic overlap welding.

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PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe Extrusion Line Parameter

ModelPipe Diameter Range (mm)Line Speed (m/min)Total Power (kw)
XRL3216 - 327-155.5
XRL6316 - 322-156

Advantage of PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe

  • It has good flexibility and can be rolled up to φ32. There are 100-meter and 50-meter rolls according to different pipe diameters. Storage and transportation of coiled tubes are more convenient than straight tubes.
  • Outstanding hygienic performance, with an aluminum film in the middle, which not only blocks light but also blocks oxygen, preventing the growth of microorganisms and algae.
  •  Excellent high and low temperature resistance, the thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum-plastic pipe is small, the pipe itself can absorb a certain amount of deformation, and will not cause thermal expansion deformation of the piping system.
  •  Long service life. Since the aluminum layer in the middle of the aluminum-plastic pipe isolates the inner and outer layers, the outer plastic layer allows the addition of stabilizers that are sufficient to resist light and oxygen aging without affecting the hygiene of the inner layer in contact with water, thereby enhancing its anti-aging performance.

Application of PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe

Heating pipes
Solar Pipes
Water Supply

PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe Connection


Units of PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe Extrusion Line

Aluminum foil unwinding machine

Double station, winding station can be rotated, easy for changing station.

Aluminum foil storage device

To store aluminum foil when one aluminum foil disc finish and use ultrasonic connector to connect to another aluminum foil disc.

Glue layer extruder

To extrude both inner and outer glue layer.

Inner layer extruder

To etruder plastic inner layer, can extrude PEX, PERT, PE, PP or PPR material.

Outer layer extruder

To extruder plastic outer layer, can extrude PEX, PERT, PE, PP or PPR material.

Extrusion die head

All five layers are formed in the die head (plastic inner and outer layer, glue inner and outer layer, aluminum middle layer).

Cooling tank

With cooling water ring at entrance and air ring at exist. With automatic air sealing system inside.

Haul off unit

Haul off unit provides sufficient traction force to pull pipe stably. Have sync function with extruders and air sealing system.

Double station coiler

To coil pipe into roll, easy for storage and transportation. Double station to ensure continuous pipe winding.

PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe Extrusion Mahcine Price (Based on Your Requirements)

We have different model for double wall corrugated pipe making machine with different capacity to produce different sizes of double wall corrugated pipes.
In addition to the machinery price, it is recommended that you need to know the investment amount of the entire project.

Extrusion Machine

Extrusion machine is most important factor to consider. Because the choice of other component will be based on the extrusion machine. According to your requirement, we will provide you the machinery price with exact machine configuration.

Auxiliary Machinery

Auxiliary machinery are necessary to make extrusion machine working. For example, suitable transformer is required to provide electricity; chiller is needed to provide cooling water; air compressor is necessary to provide compressed air. In addition, mixer, crusher, etc. are used to mix material and recycle scrap material.

Factory Building

According to the machinery information, we will recommend you the space of workshop to install and operate the extrusion machine and its auxiliary machinery. You can calculate the workshop cost based on our information.


We will give recommendation of number and types of workers required to make extrusion machine running. For example, how many operators and ordinary workers.

Raw Material

We will also recommend the spare raw material you need to prepare. Because it is necessary to have some raw material in stock in order to make extrusion machine continuous running and you can have enough time to purchase additional raw material.

Besides total investment cost, our sales engineer can also provide cost and profit analysis, and show you how many days you need to recover total investment cost. So you can check the feasibility of the project. So please contact with our sales engineer to know the exact machinery cost, total investment cost and project feasibility.

PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe Manufacturing

Our company will provide detailed machine layout. We can also plant layout according to your workshop drawing.

Our layout is customized based on different size of double wall corrugated pipe machine and customer workshop.
Below is important information which we will show in the plant layout according to you workshop drawing:

Transformer Position

According to your workshop drawing, we will arrange extrusion machine based on the original transformer position. Or if you do not have transformer yet, we will recommend suitable transformer position.

Water Tank Position

Water tank is necessary to provide continuous cooling water to the extrusion machine. We will consider the water tank location to make water circulation smoothly between machine and water tank.

Air Compressor

Usually, we recommend to locate air compressor away from the extrusion machine because of the big noise created by the air compressor during its working. We will allocate the good position of air compressor according to your workshop drawing.


Trench is located beside the extrusion machinery. It has conduit pipe, air pipe , water supply pipe and water drainage pipe inside. You can also choose not to have trench.

Together with plant layout, our company will provide electrical drawing and machine manual.