Three-layer co-extrusion HDPE pipe production line successfully tested

Recently, the three hdpe pipe three layers co -extrusion production lines from 20 to 630mm customized by overseas customers has been successfully and stably operated in the Xinrong workshop!

The three-layer co-extrusion pipe production line can be used to produce PE, PP and other plastic pipes. A small amount of new materials can be used for the inner and outer layers, and a large amount of recycled materials can be used in the middle, which is economical and practical. The range that can be produced is from 20 to 630mm, and two-layer or multi-layer co-extruded pipes can also be customized according to the actual requirements.

main feature:

  1. Our company uses special high-efficiency extruders for HDPE and PP pipes. The screw adopts a barrier and mixing head structure, and the barrel adopts a new slotted barrel. The plasticization and mixing effect are good, and the extrusion volume is large and very stable.
  2. Spiral die head designed for HDPE and PP large-diameter thick-walled pipes. The die has the characteristics of low melt temperature, good mixing performance, stable cavity pressure and stable production.
  3. The proprietary sizing and cooling system adopts water film lubrication and water ring cooling to meet the requirements of HDPE and PP materials to ensure the stable diameter and roundness of thick-walled pipes produced at high speed.
  4.  The specially designed multi-stage vacuum sizing box with vacuum degree control ensures the dimensional stability and roundness of HDPE and PP pipes.
  5. The extruder and tractor are driven and controlled by imported brand-name governors, which have good stability, high precision and reliability.

Main structure:

1. Co-extrusion with multiple low-energy, high-efficiency single-screw extruders.

2. The extruder adopts a high-speed screw with a length-to-diameter ratio of 33:1, and the nitriding depth is over 0.08 mm.

3. The mold can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer.

Jiangsu Xinrongplas Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to promoting the high-quality development of plastic extrusion machinery manufacturing and deepening the research and development of technological innovation. Welcome to consult.


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