Common Problems and Solutions of PE Pipe Extrusion Line

During production of plastic pipes, due to lack of skills when worker operate the machine , the plastic pipes often have rough outer surfaces, internal have jitter rings, uneven wall thickness, and insufficient roundness. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the process in time and eliminate the failure of the plastic pipe machine to improve products quality.

  1. the outer surface of the plastic pipe is rough

Adjust the process temperature; reduce the cooling water temperature, the appropriate cooling water temperature of the PE pipe is 20~25℃; check the water circuit, whether there is blockage or insufficient water pressure; check whether the heating ring of the barrel, head, etc. is damaged; adjust the water inlet of the sizing sleeve Flow rate; check the performance and batch number of the raw materials; check the mold core temperature, if it is higher than the die section temperature, reduce the core temperature; clean the mold aggregate;

  • Grooves appear on the outer surface of the plastic pipe

Adjust the water outlet pressure of the calibrator and the water output needs to be balanced; adjust the nozzle angle in the vacuum tank to make the pipe cool evenly; check whether there are debris, burrs, etc. in the die, the calibrator, and the cutter.

  • Grooves on the inner surface

Check whether water enters the inner tube. If water enters, pinch the tube; reduce the internal temperature of the extrusion die; clean and polish the mold;

  • A jitter ring appears inside the pipe

Adjust the water outlet of the calibrator to make it even; adjust the vacuum degree of the second section to make the second section vacuum degree higher than the first section; check whether the vacuum seal is tight; check whether the haul off machine is shaking; check the extruder Whether the material is uniform;

  • No vacuum

Check whether the water inlet of the vacuum pump is blocked, if it is blocked, unblock it; check whether the vacuum pump is working properly; check whether the vacuum pipeline is leaking; check whether the small hole in the middle of the mandrel compression screw is blocked, if it is blocked, use a thin iron wire to clean it;

  • Outer circle size of pipe is out of tolerance

Adjust the vacuum degree to change the outer circle size; adjust the traction speed to change the outer circle size; modify the inner hole size of the calibrator;

  • Pipe roundness is out of tolerance

Adjust the nozzle angle in the vacuum tank and cooling tank to make the pipe cool evenly; check the vacuum tank, the water level in the cooling tank, and the pressure of the water pressure gauge to make the spray volume large and powerful; check if the water temperature is more than 35℃, it needs to be equipped with a chilled water system or add a spray cooling tank; check the water circuit, clean the filter; adjust the process; check and correct the inner hole diameter of calibrator; adjust the pipe guide clamping device to correct Ovality of the pipe;

  • Pipe wall thickness uneven

Adjust the wall thickness on the mold; adjust the nozzle angle in the vacuum tank and cooling tank to make the pipe cool evenly; adjust the water output of calibrator to make it even; disassemble the mold, check whether the screws inside the mold are loose, and tighten it again;

  • Plasticizing temperature is too high

Adjust core’s temperature of extrusion die,use fan cooling the internal of die.

  1. Inaccurate cutting length

Check whether the count wheel is compressed; check whether the count wheel is swinging, and tighten the fixing bolt of the frame; check whether the switch of the cutting machine is damaged; check whether the rotary encoder is damaged; whether the wiring of the encoder is disconnected and whether the plug socket is in good contact; each stand-alone housing (PE terminal) should be grounded to a total grounding point for reliable grounding, and the grounding point should have a grounding stake that meets the electrical grounding requirements, and each stand-alone housing (PE terminal) is not allowed Grounded after series connection, otherwise it will introduce interference pulses, causing inaccurate cutting length;

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