HDPE/PP Double wall corrugated pipe extrusion machine

HDPE/PP double-wall corrugated pipe is made of high-density polyethylene as the main raw material, which is co-extruded by the inner and outer extruders. It is formed at one time. The inner wall is smooth and the outer wall is trapezoidal corrugated. There is a hollow layer between the inner and outer walls of the plastic pipe. It has high ring stiffness, high strength, light weight, sound insulation and shock absorption, high anti-ultraviolet stability, long life span, good bendability, pressure resistance, high impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, cold resistance Heat and other advantages. Sealing rubber rings are embedded in the troughs at both ends of the pipe, which has good waterproof and sealing performance. It can be laid on roads with poor geological conditions. The construction is quick. Double-wall corrugated pipes are widely used in communication, telecommunications, and cable laying.

1. The production line is equipped with two high-efficiency single-screw extruders, and the slotted barrel ensures high-efficiency extrusion, which can realize the production of pipes with different raw materials for the inner and outer layers.

2. The powerful cooling corrugated forming system can ensure a higher production speed during continuous production.

3. The surface of the mold is nitridated, and the die layer mold has a wall thickness adjustment device, which is suitable for the production of pipes with different raw materials and ring stiffness.

4. The corrugated molding module formed by precision casting of special alloy materials has extremely high precision, strength and excellent heat dissipation effect.

5. Advanced online flaring function can significantly reduce investment and improve production efficiency.

6.The production line has a high degree of automation, reliable operation and easy operation.

At present, developed countries have been widely used in large-scale agricultural water transportation, as well as drainage, sewage and exhaust projects. Based on extensive research on technology and the market, our company has developed a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) large-diameter double-wall corrugated pipe production line equipment, which is currently in a leading position in the country. The production structure is unique and novel, and the production of double-wall corrugated Despite its excellent chemical and physical properties.

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