In what aspects does the mpp electrical pipe extrusion line start to reduce costs?

Cost reduction is an issue for processors that has been of high concern. So, for mpp electrical pipe extrusion line manufacturers, what are the factors that affect the cost? What aspects should mpp electrical pipe extrusion line processors start to reduce the cost of pipes?

For mpp electrical pipe production, factors affecting include raw materials, energy consumption, labor costs and equipment depreciation costs. At present, energy market prices and human resource costs are on the rise. Therefore, an effective and direct solution to teaching is to reduce the cost of raw materials and equipment investment for enterprises.

On the basis of ensuring the performance of the pipe, mpp electrical pipe extrusion line manufacturers consider the product structure, pay attention to international trends and introduce new reinforcement materials in a timely manner, and combine the advantages of various materials to conduct research and development of composite plastic pipes, thereby improving technology and reducing manufacturing costs..

In terms of raw materials alone, what are the possible ways to achieve raw material savings to ensure the simultaneous performance of pipelines and reduce the cost of raw materials?

Taking polyethylene materials as an example, the technology itself has good chemical structure stability, heat resistance, cold resistance and corrosion resistance, but the cost of manufacturing pipes with pure HDPE is relatively high. This is because high-density polyethylene is derived from petroleum products, and international oil prices and refining technology have a greater impact on its costs. HDPE prices have remained high in recent years. In order to reduce the cost of raw materials for enterprises, our company introduced high-strength steel wire and steel strips into China’s plastic pipe processing, forming two existing methods in my country, which mainly include pipes – the steel wire mesh skeleton used in the field of electrical pipes can strengthen polyethylene Composite electrical pipe.

Our existing technology organically combines the anti-corrosion properties of polyethylene materials with the high rigidity of steel wires (or steel strips). While ensuring the pressure performance of the pipes, it can significantly reduce the wall thickness of the pipes, thereby reducing the amount of HDPE and achieving lower mppelectrical pipe raw material cost purpose.

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