Precautions For Maintenance Of Plastic Pipe Production Line

PE pipe production line, pp-r pipe production line, etc., as a common type of pipe plastic machinery, need to be regularly maintained, and this maintenance should also be operated in accordance with certain procedures, at the same time according to the safety and technical performance of the corresponding equipment Relevant requirements, which is conducive to the operation of equipment and can effectively ensure the safety of equipment and related personnel.

  1. 1.Check the pipeline leakage and the fastening condition of the fasteners regularly.
  2. 2.Regularly check the reliability of the lubrication system, and lubricate the moving parts according to the regulations, and check whether the oil volume of the lubrication pump oil tank and the engine base oil tank is sufficient.
  3. 3.Check whether the safety device of the machine is normal and effective, especially after changing the mold, check whether the mechanical insurance is adjusted accordingly.
  4. 4.Regularly check the connection of the ground wire and the insulation of electrical components and the aging of the wire.
  5. 5.Regularly check the condition of the oil filter, clean and replace it in time, and always pay attention to whether the oil is contaminated and deteriorated. When the hydraulic oil turns dark brown and emits a odor, it is a manifestation of oxidative deterioration. The hydraulic oil should be updated as soon as possible; when there are small black spots or transparent bright spots in the hydraulic oil, it means that there are impurities or metal powder mixed in, and it should be filtered or changed.
  6. 6.The maintenance of important parts such as screws and barrels must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the instructions.
  7. 7.The cooler needs to be soaked and cleaned with carbon tetrachloride solution every 5 to 10 months of work.
  8. 8.According to the operating time, the plastic pipe equipment should be regularly maintained and repaired, focusing on cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, dismantling, and overhauling.
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