The difference between pvc pipe and ppr pipe

Plastic pipe extruder is mainly used to produce plastic pipes. It has other advantages of ordinary twin-screw extruders and can achieve high yield, high quality and high efficiency. The twin screw extruder is developed on the basis of the single screw extruder. The twin screw extruder has been widely used in the molding and processing of extruded products due to its good feeding performance, mixing plasticization performance, exhaust performance, extrusion stability and other characteristics. Here are the differences between pvc pipe and ppr pipe.

The difference between pvc pipe and ppr pipe is as follows:

PVC is a kind of heat-sensitive plastic, thread-type ordinary thread, no reinforced thread element.

PVC plastic is a multi-component plastic, and different additives can be added according to different uses. PVC products of different components show different physical and mechanical properties in different applications. However, PVC plastic pipes occupies a large proportion of plastic pipes.

PPR pipe, also known as random copolymer polypropylene pipe, adopts hot melt adhesive, has special welding and cutting tools, and has high plasticity. It is recognized as a green product.

Compared with traditional cast iron pipes, galvanized steel pipes, and cement pipes, PPR pipes have the advantages of energy saving and material saving, environmental protection, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, simple construction and maintenance, and long service life. It is widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban and rural water supply and drainage, urban gas, electricity and optical cable sheath, industrial fluid transportation, agricultural irrigation and other construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields.


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