What is the Difference Between PE and PVC Pipe

Both PE pipes and PVC pipes can be used as drinking water pipes. Now they are widely used in construction, decoration, municipal engineering, etc., but what is the better choice of the two pipes? Next, analyze the properties of the pipes and tell you in combination with the application scenarios. The difference between the two.

  1. The difference between PE pipe and PVC pipe in transportation safety
    Both PE material and PVC material are non-toxic and tasteless. After production and processing, the pipeline is strictly tested to ensure its transportation safety. In terms of materials, both are excellent choices for water pipelines.
  2. Performance of resilience
    The modulus of elasticity of PE pipe is usually lower than that of PVC pipe, and its toughness will be better. However, the toughness is excessive and the rigidity is lacking. In the field of building water supply, the straightness is not good, and it is easy to deform, which leads to unsightly pipelines. Therefore, PVC pipes are often used to ensure the straightness and beauty of the pipes.
    The toughness of PVC pipe is relatively poor, and it has strong rigidity. In installation, transportation and use, it is fragile and has a low expansion coefficient. Therefore, PE pipes are usually used in gas transportation.
  3. The difference in thermal conductivity
    The density of PE pipe is higher than PVC, and its thermal conductivity is about twice then PVC. Therefore, PE pipe is more suitable for laying floor heating pipes in decoration. The thermal conductivity of PVC is poor, and it can keep the temperature better in the transportation of solar water heater hot water.

Conclusion: Both PE pipes and PVC pipes are suitable for water supply pipes, but due to the different materials and properties of the pipes, the application fields of the two are different. In terms of price, PE pipes of the same specifications are about 30% more expensive than PVC, but some areas of PE pipes are not available for PVC. PVC pipe also has its own unique application areas.

Therefore, the choice of the two pipelines firstly depends on the field of use and the attribute requirements of the pipeline. Make the best use of everything, and use the right pipe for the right field is the best choice!

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